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A CMO’s View: How WP Engine’s content marketing works across the customer journey

In March of this year, Mary Ellen Dugan joined WP Engine as CMO for the WordPress-focused website hosting platform.

In her role, Dugan oversees the brand’s global marketing, including brand and product marketing, demand generation and corporate communications. She says her vision for the company is to determine how to tell a better story through all communications.

“The opportunity for me, coming in and thinking about the marketing strategy, is how do we tell the story of a unique company that is partnering with 50,000 companies out there — brands, agencies, corporations across the globe — in helping them win online,” says Dugan.

Dugan says joining WP Engine afforded her the good fortune of being part of a company that is at the intersection of technology and service.

Today, Dugan was kind enough to talk to Marketing Land about her brand’s content marketing strategy, from where she sees it fitting to WP Engine’s overall marketing goals to how she believes content marketing will evolve in the coming years.