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Digital demand and supply: The psychology of self-development for digital careers

The digital talent war continues as demand for data-driven marketing professionals soars to new heights. Wired announced the war for digital talent began back in 2014, when statistics revealed over 90 percent of companies in the UK — even those that worked in IT — lacked digital skills to keep up with the times.

A report from BCG Perspectives revealed marketers are well aware that digital channels are essential for consumer engagement; global spending on digital advertising is expected to reach $178 billion in 2016. And as more consumers get comfortable using their smartphones and tablets to manage online activities — a significant shift from desktop usage in recent years — there is a strong focus on mobile advertising and mobile engagement.

As a result, digital marketing professionals, conversion scientists, marketing analysts and creative teams are emerging with a new skill set and wider knowledge base. The most successful in this industry need to be up to speed on the latest trends, innovations and resources available in the digital world.