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Lead marketing

Enabling creativity: Collaboration technology at its finest

In the UK the creative industries contribute £84.1 billion to the economy. To put that into perspective, they are growing almost twice as quickly as the rest of the economy. With this exponential growth there is an increased focus on productivity and efficiency — particularly as deadlines become tighter and budgets more constrained. Time wasting…

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Microsoft beats estimates with $22.3 billion in quarterly revenue

This afternoon, Microsoft announced better-than-expected revenue of $22.3 billion, beating financial analysts’ consensus estimates, which came in just under $22 billion. Earnings per share were also higher than expected at $0.76. Net income was $6.0 billion. Microsoft stock is up in after-hours trading. Revenue rose in most of Microsoft’s business units, including its all-important Intelligent…

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Marketing’s Roles and Responsibilities Reexamined

Several recent articles published in the Journal of Marketingand Journal of Marketing Research offer a strong portrait of the importance of marketing leaders and the marketing function to companies. Germann, Ebbes and Grewal (2015) conclude that the presence of a CMO in a company improves a firm’s Tobin’s q (the ratio of a firm’s market…

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