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Enabling creativity: Collaboration technology at its finest

In the UK the creative industries contribute £84.1 billion to the economy. To put that into perspective, they are growing almost twice as quickly as the rest of the economy. With this exponential growth there is an increased focus on productivity and efficiency — particularly as deadlines become tighter and budgets more constrained. Time wasting…

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Trust Science to Help You Build Your Personal Brand

Your brain is hardwired to devour visual information. In fact, neurons that process visual information make up 30 percent of the cerebral cortex — compared with 8 percent to decode input from your sense of touch and 3 percent devoted to sorting out auditory cues. You can’t control the resources your brain allocates to processing what you see. It doesn’t even matter…

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The GE Model for Brand Storytelling

GE is among many companies that are dialing up the use of what I call “signature stories,” stories that communicate core strategic information about the firm and its strategy. Linda Boff the director of global marketing at GE explained how stories helped GE communicate its strategic message during a talk at the June 2016 ANA…

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